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Our Story

We are located in Bonanza, Oregon and we are lucky to share our home with four Standard Schnauzers. We embrace the bold, fearless, independent nature of the breed and connect with their high energy levels.

The decision to acquire our first Standard was based on their size, temperament, health, and lifespan. After searching for a well bred Standard for several years the stars finally aligned in 2005 when Lola joined our family. She is the epitome of a Standard Schnauzer: intelligent, energetic, athletic, sweet,  and independent with a high prey drive. Although she has never produced offspring, and is truly one of a kind, she is the gold standard we strive for in our puppies. 

We are members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America and the Pacific Northwest Standard Schnauzer Club.. Our dogs compete in both AKC and CKC events, and live active lifestyles on our rural property.



This truly is the breed with the human brain and after all these years we still find ourselves in awe of their intelligence - and their energy levels. Life with a Standard Schnauzer fits our family but this breed is not for everyone. These are driven, highly energetic working dogs, they require intense physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. Prospective homes should do their research and make every effort to speak to breeders and owners of Standard Schnauzers to determine if it is a good fit. AKC competitions are an ideal place to connect with Schnauzer folk and see the dogs in action.


As preservation breeders we will occasionally have pepper and salt puppies available to approved homes and we take great care in selecting dogs for our breeding program. Temperament and health are of paramount importance to us and we strive to give puppies a solid foundation before they leave our home. More information is available on our puppy page.

Justin & Jacqlyn Erickson

PO Box 87

Bonanza, OR 97623

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