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Goldwynn Litters

We occasionally have home raised pepper and salt puppies available. In accordance with recommendations set by the Standard Schnauzer Club of America we will only breed animals that have passed health clearances for hips, eyes, and dilated cardiomyopathy (certification records can be found on the OFA website, with the exception of PennHIP results).

The puppies are raised in our home as part of our family, which means they are handled regularly and exposed to everyday life. We take great care to match each puppy with the perfect "forever' home, based on their temperament and your lifestyle, activity levels, etc. The pups are picked up from our home (shipping is not available) and all companion dogs are sold on a limited registration.

Keep in mind that Standard Schnauzers do not physically mature until they are at least two years of age and they will have a puppy mentality for several years. Acquiring a puppy, is not a decision to take lightly, everyone in the household should give thought to the following questions.

  • Are you ready to live with a dog that requires an ongoing investment of your time and funds? Responsible dog ownership will take a lot of work and money.

  • Are you prepared to adjust your daily routine?

  • Are you able to commit to this animal for his/her lifetime, which may be upwards of 13 years? Longer than most people drive the same car or stay at the same job.

  • Are you aware of the demands this puppy-and eventually adult dog- is going to place on you and your immediate family?

This is not an easy breed and it is not for everyone, please learn all you can about these wonderful dogs to ensure this is the breed for you. Click on The Standard Schnauzer in our menu to explore more about these high energy and strong willed animals. 

Our next litter will be in early 2025. Anyone interested in being added to the current waitlist can submit a questionnaire via email.

Our Litters

The Fire & Ice litter came into the world on June 4, 2023. Emmy gave us seven gorgeous pups, four girls and three boys. 

The Lucky 777's litter arrived in May 2022 and Callie was a phenomenal mother, free whelping five boys and two girls. These high rollers are off enjoying life and their new families.

The arrival of our Golden Age of Hollywood litter was a great way to start 2021. Callie whelped nine happy and healthy puppies. 

GCHB CH Blackhawk Bayley Hazen Blue CGC RATS x CH Goldwynn's Duchess of Cambridge

CH Everyone Knows I'm Clyde x GCH CH Calamity Jane Von Stocker

CH Semper Fi Everyone Knows I'm Clyde CGC x GCH  Goldwynn's Calamity Jane Von Stocker


The Royalty litter arrived in late 2019 and we were blessed with eight beautiful pups.


BISS CAN CH/CH Cedar Hill's Kenai V. Keygolde x CH Semper Fi Countess of Downton Abbey

The Royals
On the sette: Shade, Jaxon,
Archie, Emmy & Leo

On the floor: Maisy, Woofie, Hank

The Wild West Bunch arrived in early 2018. Abby and Jiggs blessed us with six boys & three girls.

AM BISS/CAN CH Von Stocker's The Jigg Is Up NA  NAJ x

CH Semper Fi Countess of Downton Abbey

iphone puppy 1428_edited.jpg

The Wild West Bunch

Sammie, Charlie, Disco, Annie, Kave, Lily, Jack, Callie, & Floki

iphone puppy 397.JPG
iphone puppy 1603_edited.png
iphone puppy 652_edited.jpg
iphone puppy 382_edited.jpg
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